What is required to celebrate the Holy Confirmation at the Qawra Parish?

  1. The Holy Confirmation is usually celebrated when children are between 11 and 12 years old, when they are attending form 1 class at school.
  2. To celebrate the Holy Communion the children must:
    • Be Baptised
    • Have celebrated the Holy Communion
    • Have attended Holy Confirmation catechism lessons
  3. Three months before the Holy Confirmation, one person is chosen as a godparent (godfather/godmother).
  4. The godparent has to download the “Godparent Eligibility Declaration” form from here, fill it in and sign it. By signing the form they are declaring that:
    • They are 16 years or older
    • They are not the parent of the person celebrating the Holy Confirmation
    • They are practicing Catholics and they accept the Catholic faith
    • They abide by the Catholic Church’s teaching
    • They have received the holy sacrament of confirmation and they regularly go to confession and recieve the holy Eucharist
  5. Parents who wish to baptise their child in the Qawra Parish but they are not residents in this parish have to go to their respective Parish Priest to ask for permission. The Parish Priest will fill the “Permess biex sagrament jiġi amministrat f’parroċċa oħra” form and give it to the parents so that they can present it to the Qawra Parish Priest. Before going to the respective Parish Priest it is advisable to make an appointment.
  6. Both parents must go to the Qawra Parish Office and take with them the “Godparent Eligibility Declaration” form (filled in and signed). Parents whose residence does not fall within the remit of the Qawra Parish must also take with them the “Permess biex sagrament jiġi amministrat f’parroċċa oħra” form that has been filled in by their respective parish priest.
  7. Other details will be communicated by email sent by the catechists or by the Parish Office.

Note: Parents of children residing in Qawra and who will celebrate the Holy Confirmation in another parish must fill in the below form. They will receive the “Permess biex sagrament jiġi amministrat f’parroċċa oħra” form by email which they need to present to the Parish Priest of the respective locality where the Holy Confirmation will be celebrated.

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